Frank C Miller

Educational Background & Specialties


  • Highland Maya
  • Mexico
  • Mexico's position in the global economy
  • social change, development, and public policies in southern and central Mexico
Courses Taught
  • Anth 1908W - Freshman Seminar: Researching Other Cultures
  • Anth 4065 - Cultural Change and Development
  • Anth 4980 - Topics in Sociocultural Anthropology: Ethnographic Film
  • Anth 8203 - Research Methods in Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • The Collapse of Compliance: National Implications of Local Changes. Miller, Frank, Ethnographic Encounters in Souther Mesoamerica, vol. 3, Institute for Mesoamerican Studies, 1989.
  • Population Policy and Public Good. Miller, Frank, Rolf Sartorius, Philosophy and Public Affairs, 8, pp. 148-175, 1979.
  • Knowledge and power: anthropology, policy research, and the Green Revolution. Miller, Frank, American Ethnologist, 4, pp. 190-198, 1977.
  • Old Villages and a New Town: Industrialization in Mexico. Miller, Frank, Waveland Press, 1973.