Why Anthropology?

Not only do we study how human biology, language, culture, and materials change throughout time, but we also compare and contrast human lives in every part of our world. Experts within the Department of Anthropology have been refining our students’ anthropological perspectives and skills for over a century.

Our faculty offers a rich array of courses that cover many topics related to human life and history—from skeletal analysis to the culture and society of India to language evolution. Faculty and students may also engage in research using skills learned in the classroom or by connecting with colleagues in the humanities, social sciences, science, and medical departments.

As anthropologists, we encourage our students to use skills learned in the classroom in every aspect of their lives. We prepare over 2,200 undergraduate students each year for careers in academia and many other professions, such as medicine, law, public policy, and business. Critical thinking, research, communication, and observational skills are keys to success in many careers—and they also serve to enrich day-to-day life.

We also aim to advance knowledge by connecting to the community. We invite anyone to participate in our public events and annual Anthropology Club Conference.