Dr Will Craig

I am interested in the geography of Minnesota as it relates to public affairs. CURA was created by geographers (John Borchert and Fred Lukermann) to better connect the University with the state that supports it; in an average biennium we conduct nearly 300 projects, involving 170 faculty and 250 graduate students from 70 departments, with hundreds of public and non-profit organizations. My job is ensure these projects serve the policy needs of the outside organizations as well as the education and research needs of university participants.

I also have a strong interest in GIS (geographic information systems). While I was involved in computer work that lead to the development of one of the first systems in the world, my interest is now focused on the institutional impediments to the use of GIS and the societal impacts of its use. To this end, I now serve on the Minnesota Governor's Council for Geographic Information and MetroGIS Coordinating Committee, and participate in various national forums.

For additional information, see Craig's online biography.