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Researching Community Factors to Improve Wellbeing of Senior Citizens

Jessica Finlay, a doctoral candidate in geography and gerontology at the University of Minnesota, is researching how community factors such as transportation services, built infrastructure, and neighborhood social environment impact the wellbeing of senior citizens. Her research was given national attention when it recently appeared on the Council of Graduate Schools website.

GES Speaker Series

The Department of Geography, Environment and Society is pleased to announce a speaker series on the topic of "writing/difference." Speakers were invited whose work grapples in various ways with the relationship between the production of knowledge, the construction of difference and emancipatory futures.
Steve Manson

Mapping the Future

Geography professor and new associate dean Steven Manson uses his fascination with data to create better human and environmental systems. “The way we solve our problems today,” he says, “will determine whether or not our great-great-great grandchildren will live in a livable and equitable world.”

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