Africa-Related Courses

The University of Minnesota offers numerous Africa-Related courses featuring at least 25% Africa content.  Our top courses Africa-Related courses are featured below, or you can view the full list here. 


Course Number Course Name Instructor
Academic Health Center (AHC)
AHS 1600 The Future Physician I: Medicine in the 21st Century 1 x x 50% Slattengren, Andrew
AHS 1601 The Future Physician II 2 x x 50% Slattengren, Andrew
Accounting (CSOM)
ACCT 5310 The Future Physician II 2 x x 50% Slattengren, Andrew
ACCT 6075 Managing the Global Corporate Tax Rate 2 25% Various N/A
African American and African Studies (CLA)
AFRO 1011 Introduction to African American Studies 3 x x 50% Brewer, Rose
AFRO 1012 Black World in Global Perspective: Challenges and Changes 3 100% Onishi, Yuichiro
AFRO 1021 Introduction to Africa 3 x x 100% Woldense, Josef
AFRO 1023W Introduction to African World Literature 3 100% Githire, Njeri
AFRO 3001 West African History: Early Times to 1800 3 100% Coifman, Victoria
AFRO 3002 West African History: 1800 to Present 3 x x 100% Coifman, Victoria