2018 ASI Faculty Travel Grants

The African Studies Initiative (ASI) will not award ASI Faculty Travel Grants in 2019–2022.  The guidelines posted here are for 2018 ASI Faculty Travel Grants, the final such awards under our 2014–2018 Title VI African Studies National Resource Center grant from the U.S. Department of Education.  We encourage faculty seeking travel funding to visit the Global Programs and Strategy (GPS) Alliance funding website; the Imagine Fund Grants Program of the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost; and the Office of the Vice President for Research funding website (for the Grant-in-Aid of Research, Artistry and Scholarship and other intramural and extramural opportunities).  We hope to resume ASI travel funding in 2022–2026.

Faculty Travel Grants

The African Studies Initiative (ASI), through a Title VI grant in African Studies from the U.S. Department of Education, is able to provide travel support up to $2,000 to University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, faculty and instructional staff.  The Travel Grants are intended for projects that enhance the University’s undergraduate and graduate curriculum in African Studies and for projects that support the building of sustainable educational partnerships with institutions abroad on African Studies.

While the ASI accepts applications on a rolling basis, we encourage those planning travel during Summer 2018 to apply by Tuesday, 20 March 2018.  In any case, all applications must be received at least 2 months before the proposed departure date to allow for internal review by the ASI and timely submission of Travel Approval Requests to the U.S. Department of Education.  All travel (partially) paid for with federal funds has to comply with the Fly America Act.  Accordingly, please do not purchase airline tickets before clearing the proposed itinerary with the ASI.

Program Priorities

Priority will be given to projects that fall within the following categories:

  • Projects that integrate foreign languages into the African Studies curriculum, including the collection of curricular resources that will allow students to use their foreign language skills in African Studies courses;
  • The development of new African Studies courses or the redesign of existing courses with new African Studies content including the collection of materials to update courses with new African Studies content;
  • The development of sustainable educational collaborations with institutions abroad on African Studies.

NOTE:  Title VI travel funding is not primarily intended for conference presentations.  Proposals must specifically address the program priorities above.

Application Process

  • Download and complete the Application Form.
  • Include a one-page project description that includes travel destination and dates and curricular and/or educational goals.

Applications can be submitted via email to asi@umn.edu or via campus mail to

ASI Faculty Travel Grants
African Studies Initiative
214 Social Sciences Building
Campus Delivery Code: 7173A

Application Deadlines

The ASI accepts applications on a rolling basis, but we do require that all applications be received at least 2 months before the departure date so we can 1) review proposed itineraries before booking to ensure compliance with Fly America provisions; and 2) submit the mandatory federal Travel Approval Requests with the US Department of Education (US/ED)—and secure US/ED approval—in a timely manner.  We encourage those planning travel during Summer 2018 to apply by 20 March 2018.


  • Applicants must be faculty or instructional staff of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  Graduate and undergraduate students are not eligible.
  • Applicants who have received prior Travel Grant funding are eligible to re-apply; however, applicants who have not received a Travel Grant within the last two years will receive priority.
  • Past recipients who have not submitted a final syllabus and/or report are not eligible for new funding.

Grantee Obligations

Grantees should complete a University Travel Authorization form and register international travel in the GPS Alliance International Travel Registry before travel.  Grantees should also observe all other GPS Alliance mandated requirements and regulations pertaining to international travel.

At the end of the award period, grantees must submit the new or revised syllabus resulting from the Faculty Travel Grant, including a timetable when the course will be offered, and/or a one-page project report that specifies the project outcomes.


Please address questions via email to asi@umn.edu or to Klaas van der Sanden, ASI Associate Director, at vande001@umn.edu or 612-625-1856.