Program Overview

We have partnered with the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEO) to offer high school students entering into their junior and senior year a tuition-free opportunity to learn about the history, issues, and languages of our Indigenous communities.

What are the benefits?

  • Earn tuition-free high school and college credit by taking U of M courses in Dakota language, Ojibwe language, or American Indian Studies
  • Reading and writing Dakota or Ojibwe
  • Gain college experiences
  • Help preserve Minnesota's indigenous languages and history

Application Requirements


  • Be a junior or senior in high school at the time of taking the course (11th or 12th grade)
  • Have a study hall or free period in your high school schedule or be a homeschool student
  • Have at least a 2.000 high school GPA at the time of application
  • If you will be under age 16 on the first day of the fall semester, review this important information for minors on campus before applying.
  • Meet the Minnesota Department of Education criteria (click on the "Postsecondary Enrollment Options Reference Guide" to download the guide and review the eligibility and residency information)

How To Apply


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Visit the American Indian Studies PSEO Option website to learn more and apply.


For more information contact the American Indian Studies Director of Undergraduate Studies- Christine DeLisle, and CC the American Indian Studies Department