Research Activities

Our faculty members are committed to the study of language and cultural phenomena of East, South, and Southeast Asia. Our faculty's research encourages breadth of perspective and rigorous engagement with specific materials. General theoretical issues inform all areas and topics researched or taught in the department.

Current Faculty Research Topics

Joseph R. Allen, Professor Emeritus
  • Research related to the Chinese middle school textbook and the formation of the modern nation state in China.
Joseph Farag, Assistant Professor
  • Research project for next book on the spatial and temporal facets of Palestinian literary and cinematic production.
Sungok Hong, Assistant Professor
  • “Encoding of the Hindi-Urdu Possessive Construction and Hindi-Urdu Idioms: Pedagogical Approaches,” International Journal of Languages and Linguistics. Vol 2. No.3, Oct.31, 2015.
Maki Isaka, Professor
  • Manuscript: “A Muted Feminine Voice: Women’s Gidayû-Music and Fandom in Modern Japan”.
Christine Marran, Chair & Professor
  • Book manuscript: Biotropes: Ecology Without Culture.
Jason McGrath, Associate Professor
  • Book manuscript: Inscribing the Real: Realism and Convention in Chinese Cinema from the Silent Era to the Digital Age.
Baryon Tensor Posadas, Assistant Professor
  • Book manuscript on the doppelganger motif in modern Japanese fiction and film.
Paul Rouzer, Professor
  • Research on the relation of Buddhist belief to the formation of East Asian aesthetics in the realm of poetry, fiction, film, and other genres.
Suvadip Sinha, Assistant Professor
  • Book manuscript on inanimate things and other nonhuman figures in Indian cinema.
Travis Workman, Associate Professor
  • Book manuscript titled Melodrama and the Cold War: Ideas and Emotion in Korean Cinemas.