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Why Asian and Middle Eastern Studies?

We are a dynamic and innovative department that offers courses in the study of the languages, literatures, cultures, and media from West to South to East Asia. Our broad geographic range is combined with the study of the premodern and modern worlds and interdisciplinary learning. Our faculty are known nationally and internationally for their research and teaching in the premodern to modern fields of cultural studies, film studies, gender, Buddhist thought, poetry and fiction, and environment. We are a place where the study of language, humanities values, and interdisciplinary perspectives range from the premodern world to the challenges of the globalized 21st century Asia.

The department is proud to have thriving undergraduate programs for all of the languages we offer. Our outstanding instructors teach beginning and advanced classes in the languages of Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, and Urdu. We host multiple overseas learning abroad programs and experiential learning and other pathways for students to open doors to future careers.

In addition to deep training in language competency, AMES encourages breadth of perspective and rigorous engagement with cultural materials from the classics to popular culture. We prepare the next generation of scholars and global professionals to influence the world with critical theory and innovative approaches.