Why Asian and Middle Eastern Studies?

AMES is a dynamic and innovative department that offers courses in the study of the cultures, media, literatures, and languages from Asia and the Middle East. We offer courses in the diverse fields of cultural studies, film studies, gender, religion, poetry and prose, environment, postcolonial studies, and more. Our interdisciplinary approach to the study of cultures ranges from the histories of the premodern world to the challenges of the global 21st century provide students unique opportunities to study Asia or the Middle East at the regional, global, or transnational scale. 

Our courses challenge students to examine cultural, social and political issues through different geographic regions and scales. Students also thrive in our popular language programs. Our outstanding instruction in beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes in the languages of Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, and Urdu prepares students to interact with people across the globe. We host multiple overseas learning abroad programs, internships, experiential learning and other pathways for students to open doors to future careers.

Our majors and minors combine the study of cultures and languages to be astute global citizens. Graduates of AMES work in every field imaginable and pursue graduate degrees in cultural studies, social sciences, law, arts, humanities, and more. Whether you are interested in business, the non-profit sector, graduate school, or simply want to learn about the culture and background of particular Asian or Middle Eastern societies or culture, you will find working with faculty mentors and peers in AMES to be an enriching experience during your college years.