AMES Colloquium: China in 20th and 21st Century African Literature

Event Date & Time
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Event Location
135 Nicholson Hall

216 Pillsbury Dr. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

AMES Colloquium Series 2023 presents: "China in 20th and 21st Century African Literature" with Duncan Yoon, Assistant Professor, NYU Gallatin.

China in Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century African Literature unpacks the long-standing complexity of exchanges between Africans and Chinese as far back as the Cold War and beyond. Yoon examines the controversial symbol of China in African literature and demonstrates how African creative voices grapple with and make meaning out of the possibilities and limitations of globalization in an increasingly multipolar world.

This event is hybrid. To attend this event virtually:

Co-sponsored by Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature (CSCL)

The AMES Colloquium is a forum for academic research on Asia and/or the Middle East. The Colloquium is free and open to everyone. Sincere thanks for the sponsorship from the Pat Hui Fellowship. 

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