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Why would you license these tools?

Your institution may not have the resources to develop the framework and accompanying tools, which may be a barrier to implementation of a competency framework at your liberal arts institution. CLA’s Career Readiness initiative provides a positive framing for the purpose of a liberal arts education to highlight its continuous career relevance. Our vision is to share the core competency framework and career management tools built specifically for liberal arts students that help them understand the value of their liberal arts advantage and articulate it in any professional context. We believe that having consistent messaging and understanding around the liberal arts provides a shared benefit for our students, alumni, and our collective institutions. We’re also licensing this material because we want to learn from our partners. We hope that each institution acquiring a license will also enter a dialogue with us and share their experiences, successes, and challenges.

What does agreeing to a license mean?

By signing the license agreement you are acknowledging the limitations outlined in the licensing terms. Please read the agreement carefully. We have tried to make the tools and resources accessible and usable in your context while retaining the framework and ownership of the model.  

CLA Core Competency Framework + Graphics + Career Readiness Guide License

No Cost

  • Use the Core Competencies that define the Liberal Arts Advantage. These competencies and their definitions were developed to specifically fit the context of the liberal arts and to meet the needs of both students and faculty. These competencies are not changeable in our tools and resources. You receive a downloadable file with the names and definitions to use in your other communications about your competency initiative. 
  • Adapt our Career Readiness Guide, including by using your institution’s branding and adding a customized letter and your institution's logo. You receive a link to the Career Readiness Guide Customization Portal to customize and download your institution's version of the Career Readiness Guide. 
  • Adapt the Career Readiness Graphics by changing the colors to meet your institution's branding guidelines. The graphics provided include the Competency Wheel, Career Management Model, Explore/Experience/Excel model graphics, the seven ways to gain experience (research, internship, volunteering, leadership, student group, employment, learning abroad) and the RATE™ infographic. You will receive access to an EPS file with a  simple black version of the graphic, which will make it easy to update with one color or with additional colors and gradients. The fonts are outlined, and therefore the text is not editable. You will not need the Neutraface font to open the files. We recommend you look at our version of the Career Readiness Guide to see how the elements can be customized.  

RATE™ License

$1,500 One-year license fee

  • Gain access to RATE™ for your institution’s use.  RATE™ is a CLA-developed digital self-assessment tool that helps students recognize the value of career readiness experiences within their courses and co-curricular activities. Various levels of integration are available, as well as the ability to use institutional branding to ensure a seamless experience for students. 

Licensing Website