Collections & Exhibitions

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Collections & Exhibitions

We maintain a large digital collection of resources regarding the Holocaust and other genocides. The collections were created for educators, scholars, students, and others to explore relevant resources.

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Collections & Exhibitions

Founding director Stephen Feinstein began collecting primary sources—including testimony, physical objects, visual art, film, literature, music, and other artifacts—that gave educators, scholars, students, and the general public unique access points to learn about the Holocaust and genocide.

Today, the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies ensures access to a growing number of educational resources and special collections.  Collections content is often referenced in our education materialsblog articles, social media posts, and exhibitions on-campus and in the community.

To ensure their ongoing use, we make our collections available through our website. Contact us directly if you encounter problems accessing materials, general descriptions, or if you have general inquiries about our holdings.

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