Persisting Tropes in the Filmic Representations of European Roma

Habiba Hadziavdic
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The research presented analyzes the most prominent tropes in the earliest and most recent filmic representations of Roma. The analysis particularly centers on three dominant recurring tropes: types of spaces typically occupied by Roma in film, the Roma woman, and the culturally and ethnically othered Roma musician.

Habiba Hadziavidc is an instructor or German and linguistics at Hamline University and the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She received her PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago with an emphasis in German film and Romani studies. Her most recent publications are in the field of European film and Sinti and Roma, including "Moving Images of Exclusion: Persisting Tropes in the Filmic Representation of European Roma."

Presented by the Department of German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch and co-sponsored by the Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies.

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