Congratulations and Thank you, Kathryn Huether

CHGS IDF and HGMV Coordinator in 2019-2020 named UMN Graduate School DDF in 2020-2021
Kathryn Huether

Congratulations to Kathryn Huether for being awarded a prestigious Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship through the UMN Graduate School in 2020-2021.

We were lucky to have Kathryn as our Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow in CHGS last year, during which time she also graciously coordinated our HGMV graduate workshop series.  CHGS feels honored to have benefitted from Kathryn's time and played a role supporting Kathryn's important work:

Huether's dissertation in MusicologyCentering the Sonic: Voice and Affect in Holocaust Memory, Memorials, and Museums (Advisor, Karen Painter) examines the myriad of vocal forms in contemporary Holocaust memory and representations, specifically for their sonic and musical aspects. The voice of a survivor giving testimony is a prominent vocal form of Holocaust memory, yet not the only form. Holocaust museums and memorial sites employ varying uses of language, technology, song, and music, all of which function as a ‘voice,’ but their sonic effects and possible implications are overlooked or understudied.  Huether asserts that the academy must give serious attention to 'the sonic'. Her dissertation engages several case studies of contrasting vocal forms, taken from her research and fieldwork in Europe, Israel, and the US -- travel that CHGS was pleased to help fund.  She demonstrates how the sonic, either intentionally or otherwise, can drastically alter Holocaust memory.

Congratulations Kathryn!  And thank you.


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