A Statement from CHGS Regarding the Violence in Israel

This statement reflects the views of faculty members of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Alejandro Baer, Natalie Belsky, Bruno Chaouat, and Karen Painter. It does not reflect the position of the University of Minnesota.

The Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies joins the global community in mourning the loss of innocent lives in Israel this week and unequivocally condemns the heinous attacks at the hands of Hamas. Violence targeting civilian populations, in any form, has no place in society and cannot be tolerated. 

Our Center’s work has always been motivated by the hope to inspire future generations to fight hatred and strengthen democracy, to work toward creating a more peaceful and just world. After this week’s attacks, this goal seems as unattainable as ever. Despite these recent events, our Center remains steadfast in its commitment to truth, justice, and education. 

It is our sincere hope for a quick cessation of violence in Israel and Gaza, and that circumstances that feed and permit these cyclical waves of violence to exist are finally addressed so that a sense of peace and security can be returned to the people of Israel and Gaza.

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