Fall UMN Courses Relevant to Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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HIST 3727 / RELS 3520 / JWST 3520: History of the Holocaust -- MW 1:00-2:15PM 
Sheer Ganor -- sganor@umn.edu 

HIST 3728: Human Rights and Crimes Against Humanity -- MW 9:45-11:00AM 
Sheer Ganor -- sganor@umn.edu 

HIST 3244: History of Eastern Europe -- MW 11:15-12:30 PM
Howard Louthan -- hlouthan@umn.edu  

POL 1911: Dictatorship and Violence in Central Asia and Afghanistan -- MW 9:45AM-11:00AM (FRESHMAN SEMINAR) 
Kathleen Collins -- colli433@umn.edu 

POL 1019: Indigenous Peoples in Global Perspective -- TTH 9:45AM-11:00AM
Christine T DeLisle -- cdelisle@umn.edu 

POL 3479: Latin American Politics -- MW 1:00PM-2:15PM 
Lisa Hilbink -- hilbink@umn.edu 

POL 3423: Politics of Disruption: Violence and Its Alternatives -- TH 11:15AM- 12:30PM
Anoop Sarbahi -- sarbahi@umn.edu 

CSCL 3130W: Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures and Theory: 1700 to the Present -- TH 2:30PM-3:45PM 

SOC 3246: Diseases, Disasters, & Other Killers -- T 5:30PM-8:00PM 
Julie Barrows

LANG 3751: Holocaust Literature in Translation

LANG 2133: Holocaust Literature in Yiddish



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