Oral History & Video Project

The Department of Chicano & Latino Studies' oral history and video project is a two-pronged project designed to bring voice and visibility to the many Chicano and Latino voices, lives, efforts, and realities often marginalized. Our department is proud to develop this collaboration between students, staff, faculty, and community members who have lived, worked, or been a part of Minnesota’s making and history.

Oral History

The aim of the oral history project is to create and preserve oral histories of Chicano and Latino people in Minnesota. Through classes offered by the department, students will have the opportunity to learn about oral history as a methodology and begin preserving oral history through interviews with community members. When possible, we include and post related and supplemental materials. Interviews are in audio and/or video format.

The oral history project began with interviews of Chicano and Latino studies conducted by current students in our department. Interviewees discuss the role of Chicano and Latino studies in their personal and professional development and how Chicano and Latino studies has impacted their post-graduation work.

A selection of videos from our oral history project can be found in the Oral History playlist on the department's YouTube channel.

Video Project

Through the video project, individuals, groups, and organizations can propose a project of interest to provide insight and perspective on a particular topic, issue, or situation affecting the Chicano and Latino community. Students, staff, and faculty may also propose or develop videos on their own or through classes.

The videos below help us to better understand particular events, dynamics, issues of importance, and phenomena related to the Latino community or issues that students in Chicano and Latino studies classes have selected to further explore.