Why Classical & Near Eastern Religions & Cultures?

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In the Department of Classical & Near Eastern Religions & Cultures, our mission is to produce and disseminate knowledge about the civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East from the Neolithic period through late antiquity. Our faculty conducts research and teaches courses in the languages and literatures of Greece, Rome, and the Near East (including Modern Hebrew) as well as the art, history, and religious traditions of these civilizations, including the development of early Judaism and Christianity. We offer majors in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin. We are also the administrative home of the programs in religious studies and classical civilization.

The field of classical and Near Eastern religions and cultures is at the root of many varied disciplines. Our majors are able to explore their interests in the law, the history, the research, and the study of ancient languages in the pursuit of valuable degrees. Our students learn the value of careful reading and careful writing, how to appreciate and understand every word on a page, and how to use their knowledge to understand democracy and legal structure as it exists today.

Our programs draw on and develop key skills in critical reading and thinking, effective oral and written communication, and social and cultural critique. Our capstone courses challenge students to dive into discussions and studies of ancient texts, gender and sexuality, religion, and ancient languages. After graduation, the skills our students have developed in our department distinguish them in both the job market and graduate school applicant pools.

In the Department of Classical & Near Eastern Religions & Cultures, you will feel right at home in a small and friendly cohort, getting to know your faculty and fellow classmates and building a strong academic network.