From the Campers

"The best part of Stuttering Camp is the really fun field trips. I would tell others that they should go to Stuttering Camp because it is fun and you will get to be with other kids that are just like you."


"It’s the best week of my whole summer!"


"This week was awesome. I totally want to come next year."


"Camp has been a great way for me to learn how to stand up for myself when people bully me about my stuttering."

Joshua and Olivia began attending the UMKWS camps as soon as they were old enough and came all six years. Here are some things they had to say during their graduation speeches on their last day of camp. Read Joshua's speech (PDF) and Olivia's speech (PDF).

"You can realize that you are not alone in your stuttering and there are many people your same age going through the same things that you are." —Joshua


"I learned that it's ok for me to ask questions even though I sometimes stutter." —Olivia

From the Parents

"It’s the highlight of my son’s summer. Thank you!"


"We start looking forward to camp around January 1st. To tell you how important it is to my daughter–I changed email addresses–I told my immediate family first and then I emailed camp. I didn’t want to miss a single camp communication. This camp is amazing! Thank you!"


"I am so thankful for this chance for my son to be in a group where he is not thought to be different. The support and encouragement he receives from the other kids and adults is something no therapist can provide."


"This program has been so great for my daughter! She learned some of the in-depth terminology and that has empowered her. She felt so much more confident. "


"Our daughter comes home excited every day from camp and is always sad when it ends. She looks forward to seeing old friends every summer and always walks away with new ones. We are really grateful for the lessons she learns. Her confidence about her stuttering—and how to deal with those who don’t understand—soars."


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing the space for my son to feel special and 'just like everyone.' Our family is forever indebted for the love and joy and nurturance you provided to my son this week."


"Thank you for your wonderful support for all the kids this week!  My son looked forward to it with great excitement each day!"


"Our son LOVED this camp. We drove an hour each way to get here, but it was well worth the time. He said, 'Mom, this is the best camp ever. Can we do it again next year?'"