President’s Postdoctoral Fellow Talia Anderson To Join GES Department

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The Department of Geography, Environment & Society is delighted to welcome President's Postdoctoral Fellow Talia Anderson, who will join our department in fall 2025. An alum who earned a BS in geography and BA in Spanish studies, Anderson shares how she got interested in studying geography and what she will be researching over the next academic year.

What do you consider your hometown?

My hometown is Minneapolis, MN.

What are your areas of specialty? How did you become interested in what you study?

I study climate variability and change and its impacts on ecosystems and communities in mountain regions across the Americas. 

I became interested in this work as an undergraduate in geography at UMN. I enjoyed my courses about climate and knew I wanted to continue doing research after participating in an intensive training workshop in tree-ring science in the highlands of Guatemala. My PhD research was also based in Guatemala.

What will you be doing during 2024-25?

In the 2024-25 year, I will be working at the University of California, Los Angeles with Dr. Karen McKinnon as a NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow. My research will focus on using high resolution climate models to improve predictions of Central American rainfall.

What is the Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow Program?

The University of Minnesota Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow Program seeks applicants whose research, teaching, and service will contribute to diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in higher education and at the University.

By Max Pritchard

This story was written by an undergraduate student in CLA.

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