GES Associate Professor Sets a High Bar

Kathryn Grace

Kathryn Grace, Associate Professor of Geography, Environment and Science whose specialty is Population Geography, Demography and Health has been awarded three major grants this spring. GES is proud to be a part of this research and excited to see the outcomes. All three of the grants are a collaboration with other UMN departments and other organizations that brings together a brilliant group of researchers.

1) Connecting West Africa users to cutting edge resources: Integrating satellite observations and sub-seasonal climate forecasts to enhance agricultural and pastoral water-management decision-making using 21st century agro-pastoral water deficit predictions (USAID-NASA, $705,142). This project is focused on developing strategies for predicting sub-seasonal climate variation for food aid and humanitarian planning attending to the diversity of livelihood strategies within Niger. The project team is a collaborative mix of scientists at UCSB, UMN, Columbia and the climate agency in Niger;

2) Early identification and forecasts of reduced-yield agricultural seasons in the Developing World Funded by US Agency for International Development (USAID, $1.8 million). This project focuses on the linkages between climate, food insecurity, health, and livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa. The project team includes scientists at UCSB and UMN and field scientists in Kenya, Niger, and Guatemala; and

3) Microdata for Research on Aging in the Global South (NIH, $3.1 million). This project focuses on the harmonization of census data in the global south with attention to health impacts over the life course of individuals living in poor countries. The project team includes Steve Ruggles (UMN History), Lara Cleveland (UMN MPC), Matt Sobek (UMN MPC).  

The Department of Geography, Environment and Science is incredibly proud of Kathryn and looks forward to seeing the final outcomes! Congratulations Kathryn!

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