Moriah Shumpert Awarded RIDGS GRPP Summer Fellowship

Moriah Shumpert was awarded a GRPP Summer Fellowship from the Center for Race, Indigeneity, Disability, Gender, and Sexuality for 2024. Moriah is a PhD Candidate in the Feminist Studies Ph.D Program. Moriah’s research project is entitled "Bridges Over Troubled Waters: Black Queer Cultural Production Across Southern Geographies.” According to Shumpert, the project asks the following questions: How does blackness and queerness unsettle what is typically considered “southern”? How might Black feminist and queer of color theorizing help us to read the relations of disparate geographies? And finally, how does weaving relations between disparate locations help us to imagine liberatory futures for blackness and queerness beyond the rights-based politics of the mainstream global LGBT movement? Her project explores Black queer artistic production and performance as vital sites of world-making and self-fashioning in and across queer southern geographies.
Congratulations Moriah!
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