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Irma O'meara, Tank Davis, Vernon Rowe (seated), Danna Rizo gathered in a library, wearing matching T-shirts

On Purpose: Portrait of Minnesota Youth Story Squad

Minnesota Youth Story Squad (MYSS) amplifies the voices of young people in the Twin Cities. Too often, stories about youth and urban public schools are told from the perspective of almost everyone but youth. But MYSS goes directly to the source: young people and their Twin Cities schools. We seek to inspire and engage youth by deepening their knowledge about society and public engagement while they learn how to advocate for change.
Four faculty standing in front of a photo gallery of previous presidents of the University.

On Purpose: Portrait of Race, Indigeneity, Gender & Sexuality Studies

The Race, Indigeneity, Gender & Sexuality Studies Initiative (RIGS) was established in 2015 to support innovative research, teaching, community-building, and engagement for scholars and students addressing issues on these topics. RIGS is dedicated to bringing faculty and students together to pursue lines of inquiry that challenge systems of power and inequality, assert human dignity, and imagine social transformation.

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