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Core Faculty

Name Email Office Phone Zoom Office Hours - Fall 2020
Aren Aizura
Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor 456 Ford Hall 612-626-9824 Tuesdays 12-2 
Susan Craddock
Professor 429 Ford Hall 612-625-5535 By Appointment Only
Jigna Desai
Professor 410 Ford Hall 612-624-0363 Mondays 11-12, Wednesdays 1-2
Zenzele Isoke
Department Chair, Paul W. Frenzel Professor and Chair of the Liberal Arts, Associate Professor 437 Ford Hall 612-626-8954 By Appointment Only
Miranda Joseph
Professor 411 Ford Hall 612-625-5047 By Appointment Only
Diyah Larasati
Associate Professor 436 Ford Hall 612-624-9326 Thursdays 10-12 or by appointment
Richa Nagar
Professor of the College
Russell M. and Elizabeth M. Bennett Chair in Excellence
Beverly and Richard Fink Professor in Liberal Arts 443 Ford Hall 612-625-2028  
Sima Shakhsari
Associate Professor  428 Ford Hall 612-301-1720 By Appointment Only
Edén Torres
Associate Professor 459 Ford Hall 612-625-5035  

Post-Doctoral Fellows & Teaching Specialists

Name Email Office Phone Office Hours - Fall 2019
Srija Chatterjea Sen
VISTA Literacy Leader, MYSS 463 Ford Hall 612-626-8190 By Appointment
Kari Smalkoski
Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-2021) 463 Ford Hall   By Appointment
Jessica Horvath Williams
President's Postdoctoral Fellow     By Appointment

Affiliate Faculty

The following faculty members can serve as dissertation co-advisors and as a member or reader on graduate committees. Members on this list can serve as internal graduate faculty members in feminist studies or as external faculty members from their home departments.

Name Department
Abdi, Cawo Sociology
Albrecht, Lisa School of Social Work
Asher, Nina Curriculum and Instruction
Barajas, Heidi Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC)
Bockting, Walter Family Medicine and Community Health
Bonilla, Zobeida Epidemiology and Community Health
Brewer, Mária French & Italian
Brewer, Rose African American and African Studies
Brown, Karen ICGC
Campbell, Karlyn Kohrs Communication Studies
Castellanos, Bianet American Studies
Chambers, Sarah History
Chatterjea, Ananya Theater Arts and Dance
Cherbuliez, Juliette French & Italian
Clark, Anna History
Coleman, Eli Family Medicine and Community Health
Collins, Joshua Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
Craig, Siobhan English
Davalos, Karen Mary Chicano and Latino Studies
Deutsch, Tracey History
Driscoll Derickson, Kate Geography, Environment, and Society
Durban-Albrecht, Erin Anthropology, Institute for Global Studies
Duvall, Raymond Political Science
Ewig, Christina Center on Women, Gender and Public Policy at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Fajardo, Kale American Studies
Ferlito, Susanna French & Italian
Ferran, Ofelia Spanish and Portuguese
Ferreira, Ana Paula Spanish and Portuguese
Forcinito, Ana Spanish and Portuguese
Friedmann-Sanchez, Greta HHH, Global Policy
Garcia, Cindy Theatre Arts and Dance
Garner, Shirley English
Gilgun, Jane School of Social Work
Githire, Njeri African American and African Studies
Hennefeld, Maggie Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
Ho, Karen Anthropology
Hu Pegues, Juliana American Indian Studies
Hull, Kathleen Sociology
Isaka, Maki Asian Languages and Literature
Ismail, Qadri English
Kane, Mary Jo School of Kinesiology
Karjanen, David American Studies
Karras, Ruth Mazzo History
Kinsella, Helen Political Science
Kohlstedt, Sally Gregory History of Science, Technology & Medicine
Lee, Amy Postsecondary Teaching and Learning
Lee, Josephine English
Løland Levinson, Hanne Classical and Near Eastern Studies
May, Elaine Tyler American Studies
Maynes, Mary Jo History
Mayo, J.B. Curriculum and Instruction
McCormick, Richard German, Scandinavian, and Dutch
Messer-Davidow, Ellen English
Murphy, Kevin American Studies
Norling, Lisa History
Ouellette, Laurie Communication Studies
Pahwa, Sonali Theater Arts and Dance
Pierce, Jennifer American Studies
Pohlandt-McCormick, Helena History
Powell, Elliott American Studies
Prell, Riv-Ellen American Studies
Rabinowitz, Paula English
Raheja, Gloria Anthropology
Ropers-Huilman, Rebecca Organization Leadership/Policy Development
Ross, Michael Family Medicine and Community Health
Sawhney, Simona Asian Languages and Literature
Schuster, Mary Lay Writing Studies
Sheldon, Amy Communication Studies
Shirazi, Roozbeh Org Leadership, Policy/Dev
Sivert, Eileen French & Italian
Spears-Rico, Gabriela Chicano and Latino Studies
Sprengnether, Madelon English
Squires, Catherine Communications
Tageldin, Shaden Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
Taussig, Karen-Sue Anthropology
Tronto, Joan Political Science
Valentine, David Anthropology
Vavrus, Frances Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
Vavrus, Mary Communication Studies
Wahlstrom, Billie Writing Studies
Waltner, Ann History
Welke, Barbara History
Williamson, Terrion  African American Studies, American Studies 
Willow, Diane Art
Zuk, Marlene Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

Emeritus Faculty

Name Email
Amy Kaminsky
Professor Emeritus
Naomi Scheman
Professor Emeritus
Jacquelyn Zita
Professor Emeritus