CPS Regional Premodern Colloquium

The Center for Premodern Studies hosts the Regional Premodern Colloquium on February 9-10, 2023.
A collage of polaroid framed photos of manuscripts and premodern art.
Event Date & Time
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Event Location
Heller 1210

271 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55455

The Center for Premodern Studies Regional Colloquium is an annual event where local scholars meet to workshop current and emerging topics in the research and teaching of premodern studies. 

Featured speakers:

Jennifer Nelson (Art History, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Leonora Neville (History, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Katerina Somers (German, Nordic and Slavic, Wisconsin-Madison)

Events include: 

We have an exciting workshop planned for Thursday at the Minneapolis Institute of Art exploring the third floor galleries devoted to global contemporary art and the arts of Europe and the Americas. We will explore ways to reinstall collections to bring in new voices and break out of traditional organizational structures based on chronology, geography, and material. We will be discussing two key questions around Mia's plans to reinstall these galleries:

1) What opportunities are there to introduce new narratives that more accurately and inclusively present the creative history of humanity?

2) Are there ways, through this reinstallation, to make Mia, its galleries, and its collection better resources for area faculty and students?

Friday we will highlight several of our workshops and have a multidisciplinary panel at 12:15 pm entitled, "Past Perceptions & Perceiving the Past".

In addition, we will have multiple CPS Workshops: First Millennium, Premodern Workshop, Uncommon Bodies.

There will be networking, meals, and social activities throughout.

You can view the current draft of the program at https://z.umn.edu/Colloquium23Program.

You can register for Colloquium events at https://z.umn.edu/PremodernColloquiumRSVP.

The Premodern Colloquium is an "unconference" hosted by the graduate student-led Premodern Workshop and the Center for Premodern Studies. We advocate for minimal preparation work and maximum engagement in making connections and thinking about important issues in premodern studies.

Questions about the Colloquium can be addressed to Lydia Garver at premod@umn.edu.

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