Uncommon Bodies Symposium: Premodern Disability and Race in a Global Context

World map colored in light pastel colors.
Abraham Ortelius, Map of the World, from "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" (Theater of the Whole World), Antwerp, 1570. Handcolored engraving. Minneapolis Institute of Art.
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About the Symposium: 

Leading scholars of early modernity will illuminate the intersections of disability and race in the global early modern period. Organized by Jennifer E. Row (Associate Professor of French, UMN) and Penelope Geng (Associate Professor of English, Macalester College), the Symposium will examine how contemporary oppressive policies and attitudes that advance ableism, eugenics and state-sanctioned debilitation of communities of color are rooted in early modern notions of capacity, deservingness, godliness, and beauty. 


Alani Hicks Bartlett (Brown University)

Andrew Bozio (Skidmore College)

Urvashi Chakravarty (University of Toronto)

Amrita Dhar (The Ohio State University)

Ari Friedlander (University of Mississippi)

Jonathan Hsy (George Washington University)

Pablo García Piñar (University of Chicago)

Wayne Tan (Hope College)

Katherine Schaap Williams (University of Toronto)

Ashley Williard (University of Southern Carolina)


With gratitude for the visible and invisible labor that makes this event possible, and our sponsors: 

UMN sponsors: Imagine Special Events Fund, Center for Premodern Studies, Critical Disability Studies Collective, Center for Race, Indigeneity, Disability, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Liberal Arts Engagement Hub, Departments of French & Italian, English, Spanish & Portuguese, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies ; Macalester sponsors: Racial Justice Fund, Center for Disability Resources, Departments of English, Philosophy, History, Religious Studies, Classical Mediterranean & Middle East, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

Organizational Support: Pat Baehler, Emily Beck, Kate Buis, Lois Hendrickson, Jan Beebe, Shammah Bermudez, Anna Freyberg, Lydia Garver, Maggie Heeschen, Josie Hurka, Hannah Wiepke, Macalester English Department student workers, Macalester AV team, Bon Appetit catering, and CART captioners.

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