Protecting the public’s health requires us to address challenges that are influenced as much by individual and social behavior as they are the sciences. Biology, the environment, social and political systems, and technology intersect to describe the methods of protecting the health and well-being of the population. Public health minors are engaged advocates for creating a healthier world; they are physical and social scientists of public health.

The public health minor is a collaboration between the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Public Health. It is open to any University of Minnesota undergraduate student who wishes to gain an understanding of the language, concepts, and methods of addressing population-level health challenges.

Why minor in public health?

A public health minor will improve your understanding about how local, regional, national, and international issues shape knowledge systems and social practices around health and well-being. In addition, the minor can enhance your application or resume for professional programs, graduate school, or future jobs.

There are also many extracurricular opportunities open to public health minors. Explore various learning abroad options, the Undergraduate Public Health Association, or volunteering opportunities.

Whether you want to explore a potential career in public health or simply supplement your major degree program, the undergraduate public health minor will strengthen your future in any field—from a health profession to law, political science, urban planning, ethnic studies, and beyond.


Public Health Minor Resources
To declare, see "Declare" for a copy of the Minor declaration form


Spring 2020 Events cancelled due to COVID-19.

New Student Group - Spring 2020

UMN Students Against COVID-19 is the UMN chapter of the student-led movement Students Against COVID-19 dedicated to sharing information and resources with students and residents. Our aim is to populate social media with evidence-based information and actionable steps to mitigate the situation and combat the spread of myths about COVID-19. Please join our Facebook group (search "UMN Students Against COVID-19") and feel free to share any University-specific or community resources that you know of. These could be information dispelling myths, updates about local initiatives, or advice on dealing with the new social dynamics. We encourage you to share resources from the Facebook group on your personal social media pages!

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