Courses & Requirements

The public health minor consists of:

  • Two courses (4-6 credits) of Introduction to the Discipline
    • Note: taking PUBH 3004 as one of your two introductory courses also satisfies the 2-credit Applying Public Health Theory requirement
  • Two courses (for at least 6 credits) from the Understanding Health Issues From Varying Social Scientific Contexts subcategory.  These courses must come from a department within the College of Liberal Arts. There are no exceptions. No learning abroad, National Study Exchange, or transfer courses are allowed in this category.  
  • One course (for at least 2 credits) from the Applying Public Health Theory subcategory (if not fulfilled by taking PUBH 3004)
  • One course (for at least 2 credits) from the Global Impact subcategory​
    • Note: each course in the subcategory has a prerequisite introductory course.
The University Catalog has a full list of courses and requirements.

How to Declare

Please include your student ID number, and your major or college when contacting your advisor.
General questions may be directed to

  1. View this slideshow presentation on the public health minor 
  2. Fill out the Public Health Minor Worksheet
    • Fill in any courses you may have already taken
    • Write the code from the slideshow presentation on the form
  3. Email the completed form and any questions you have to:

We can declare you via email, and that is probably the easiest.  However, we can set up an advising meeting if you'd like. Email us to start at

Virtual Drop-in Advising Hours

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