Job Opening: ABD Graduate Research Assistantship, RIDGS Ethnic Studies Initiative

The Center for Race, Indigeneity, Disability, Gender, and Sexuality (RIDGS) Studies invites applications for an ABD graduate research assistant during the 2024-25 Academic Year to support the RIDGS Ethnic Studies Initiative.

Priority Deadline: April 1, 2024


This position will provide support for research, workshops, events, and collaborations relating to the Center for Race, Indigeneity, Disability, Gender, and Sexuality (RIDGS) Studies’ K-12 Ethnic Studies Initiative. The position is dedicated to developing K-12 Ethnic Studies curricular and professional development resources in collaboration with faculty members, graduate students, and community partners. As time allows, this position will also contribute to the dissemination of those resources through grant writing, website development, and presentations at professional development workshops, conferences, and events

This position requires a 50%-time presence in RIDGS between September 2024 and May 2025, with specific hours and schedules to be set in consultation with the RIDGS program coordinator and director. This is a 9-month academic year position with a potential for a summer extension in 2025. Successful candidates must be enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Minnesota during the entire 9-month period. Many, but not all, of the tasks can be accomplished virtually. As such, we request that the position applicants be based in the Twin Cities.

The position will be paid at the standard CLA hourly rate for graduate research assistants. This is currently $26.61, although it is subject to change. The University is currently in collective bargaining with the graduate assistant union (GLU-UE) and compensation amounts are subject to change pending the outcomes of bargaining. Priority will be given to applicants from the College of Liberal Arts.

Due to funding limitations, this position can only be filled by an ABD Graduate Student.


Required Qualifications.

To be considered for this position, candidates must have demonstrated experience engaging with and sharing out ethnic studies materials and methodologies and have excellent written communication skills. Candidates must be able to work a flexible schedule, including occasional weekends. Must have experience working with diverse groups. Must be proficient with University of Minnesota Google applications, including email, calendaring and scheduling, and Google drive, docs and sheets, etc, as well as experience with MS Word, Excel, and Microsoft Office Suite.

Preferred Qualifications. 

Evidence of excellent oral communication skills. Experience designing K-12 lesson plans. Experience working with multiple units and deadlines, often independently. Experience collaborating with faculty across disciplines. Archival research experience. Prior experience working with teachers and administrators in K-12 schools. Experience working in a higher education setting assisting with events planning and execution. Web and graphic design experience. Experience explaining policies and procedures. Means to travel to public schools.


Duties and Responsibilities. 

This position works closely with the RIDGS Program Coordinator and Director to provide resources needed by K-12 ethnic studies teachers and programs.

  • Ethnic Studies Database development. The majority of work for this position will involve developing and advocating for the RIDGS Ethnic Studies Database, a repository of K-12 ethnic studies lesson plans created to support teachers provide insightful and high quality instruction to their ethnic studies students. RIDGS may also begin new ethnic studies resource-creation projects requiring RA assistance. Tasks may involve, but are not limited to:
    • Designing new lesson plans in collaboration with RIDGS-affiliated faculty members and/or K-12 teachers
    • Editing existing lesson plans to incorporate feedback from RIDGS faculty and/or K-12 teachers
    • Editing existing lesson plans to strengthen components such as accessibility, historical context, and teacher preparation tasks
    • Adding layers to existing lesson plans to tailor them to various grade levels and/or class lengths
    • Researching pedagogical and curricular approaches to ethnic studies in a K-12 setting
    • Contributing to grant proposals to further the work of the Ethnic Studies Initiative
    • Collaborate with organizations involved in Minnesota Ethnic Studies such as the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Historical Society
    • Attend K-12 classes to observe the piloting of the lesson plans

The scope of the Ethnic Studies Database may shift during the assistantship period. This will require flexibility, although care will be taken to ensure that the workload does not exceed 20 hours per week.


Application Instructions

Applications will be submitted via the Google Form linked below—please log in using your University of Minnesota credentials. You will be asked to upload the following documents:

  • Cover letter discussing your background in ethnic studies and interests in engaging with the Initiative
  • University of Minnesota Transcript
  • Complete CV

We also require a letter of reference from your academic advisor attesting to your department and advisor's support of your involvement in this project and your readiness and relevant skills for this position. This must be emailed to


Apply Here:


Applications received before April 1, 2024 will receive priority consideration. 
Please contact with any questions


This position is funded with support from an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Workshop (ICW) Grant from the College of Liberal Arts


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