Graduate Language Certification

Certification is based on either prior coursework or testing and must have occurred within the last five years. The Language Department Certification form is available through the Graduate School.

Prior Coursework

Bring the form and documentation (e.g., transcript) to 214 Folwell. One of the following criteria must be met in order to have the language certified:

  • Completion of the first year of the language (Span 1001-1002/4001-4002 or Port 1101-1102/4101-4102) at the University of Minnesota with a grade of C or better.

  • Completion of two years of the language at another university or college with a C average, or one year of a language at the college level with an average of B or better and a grade no lower than B in the final term. The student must bring a transcript as evidence.


If you learned the language some way other than through coursework at a college or university, or if you completed your courses more than five years ago, you will need to contact an authorized signer to see if testing is an option. Email for the name of an authorized signer for the language you want certified.