Students talking with each other in SPANPORT class


Our undergraduate students engage with each other and their professors, explore a broad range of academic and engagement experiences, and gain skills to serve their communities and workplaces.

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What sets us apart?

Engage. We encourage students to engage on both local and global scales–to participate in the classroom, to get involved in the greater Twin Cities community, and to expand their perspectives abroad.

Communicate. Students develop a strong ability to think, write, and communicate in another language through diverse course offerings, service learning experience, and study abroad. Students also gain cultural competencies: how to understand and compare cultural differences, customs, perspectives, and how to appreciate diversity.

Analyze. Students learn how to think critically, analyze, and compare cultures, linguistics and literature, and global issues; define complex problems; conduct research and interpret information; create and clarify ideas.

Succeed. Students use their love for language and the skills they gain to thrive in professional settings including business, health care, non-profits, media and the arts, education, law, politics, and government.