As one requirement of the certificate of advanced-level proficiency in Spanish, you will complete an online self-assessment to help you gauge your proficiency level. You will evaluate your speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills in Spanish. This is about how well you use Spanish spontaneously, without rehearsing, on topics and in contexts that you may not expect.

The self-assessment is an opportunity for you to actively reflect on your ability to use Spanish, and not a practice session for the ACTFL tests associated with the program. The feedback you will receive can help you determine whether you are ready to succeed on the four ACTFL tests. The self-assessment must be completed prior to submitting the Critical Reflection Essay.

Try a demo, practice speaking, and then self-assess!

Achieving advanced low level in speaking is challenging! Try the ACTFL OPIc demo first (leave User and Password blank), to familiarize yourself with the format of that test.

Next, you can practice speaking in situations similar to those that may come up on the OPIc, recording yourself with your phone or Quicktime on a computer. Complete the speaking practice task and then listen to your recordings to evaluate how well you completed each task. All of this will help you to feel more confident and prepared for the ACTFL OPIc!

Last, complete the self-assessment. You’ll get specific feedback on how to support your language skills. If you would like further input on how to interpret results or feedback, please contact