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German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch
323A FolH
9 Pleasant St SE

Educational Background & Specialties


  • folklore
  • general linguistics
  • Germanic philology
  • historical phonology and the origin of words
  • languages and literature of the Middle Ages
  • Scandinavian mythology
  • poetic translation
  • literary criticism
  • etymology
  • creative witing
  • Russian literature
  • English literature
Courses Taught
  • Scandinavian Myths
  • German Folklore
  • German Medieval Literature
  • The History of the German Language
  • Old Norse
  • Icelandic Saga
  • German Dialects
  • Old Saxon
  • Middle Dutch
  • Old High German
Research & Professional Activities

Professional Activities

  • Reviewer: The New Review, New York , 1997 - present
  • Editorial Board Member: five international linguistic and literary journals , 1990 - present
  • Executive Board Member: Dictionary Society of North America , 2001 - 2003


  • Reviewing contemporary Russian books for literary journals: permanent reviewer of The New Review (New York) and an occasional contributor to other literary journals in the US, Germany, and the former Soviet Union, 1987 - present
  • Translation of the main works of the Golden Age of Russian poetry: Lermontov, Tyutchev, and Boratynsky, 1975 - present
  • Historical phonetics: the prosody and the phonemic makeup of all the Germanic languages over the centuries, 1962 - present
  • Editions of classics in philology: annotated translations and evaluating the contributions in books by and on V. Ia. Propp, N.S. Trubetzkoy, Stefan Einarsson, and M.I. Steblin-Kamenskij, 1980 - present
  • A new etymological dictionary of English: production of an exhaustsive bibliography of books and articles in all languages dealing with the origin of English words and writing a dictionary reflecting this scholarship, 1988 - present


  • Interviews: BBC, Voice of America, Chicago Tribune, Star Tribune, The History Channel and Culture, a television station broadcasting from St. Petersburg, Russia,
  • A Disappearing Past [Translation of Pavel Zhdanov's book Ischezaiushchee proshloe]. Magadan: Oxotnik. 2019.
  • The Saga Mind and the Beginnings of Icelandic Prose. Lewiston, Lampeter:The Edwin Mellen Press, 2018.
  • In Prayer and Laughter: Essays on Medieval Scandinavian and Germanic Mythology, Literature, and Culture. Mscow: Paleograph Press, 2016.
  • Vil'am Shekspir [William Shakespeare], Sonety [Sonnets] (All 154 sonnets, translated, annotated, and with an introduction.) Moscow; Iazyki slavianskoi kul'tury, 2015.
  • A Bibliography of English Etymology. Liberman, Anatoly, University of Minnesota Press, Author, 2010.
  • An Analytic Dictionary of English Etymology: An Introduction . Liberman, Anatoly, University of Minnesota Press, Author, 2008.
  • Etymology for Everyone: Word Origins… and How We Know Them. Liberman, Anatoly, Oxford University Press, Author, 2005.
  • N. S. Trubetzkoy, Studies in General Linguistics and Language Structure. Liberman, Anatoly, Marvin Taylor, Duke University Press, 2001.
  • Word Health. Liberman, Anatoly, Il Calamo (Rome), 1994.
  • On the Heights of Creation: The Lyrics of Fedor Tyutchev. Liberman, Anatoly, JAI Press, 1993.
  • N.S. Trubetzkoy, The Legacy of Genghis Khan and Other Essays on Russian Identity. Liberman, Anatoly, University of Michigan, 1991.
  • N. S. Trubetzkoy, Writings on Literature. Liberman, Anatoly, University of Minnesota Press, 1990.
  • Stefan Einarsson, Studies in Germanic Philology. Liberman, Anatoly, Helmut Buske (Hamburg), 1986.
  • Vladimir Propp, Theory and History of Folklore. Liberman, Anatoly, University of Minnesota Press, 1984.
  • Mikhail Lermontov, Major Poetical Works. Liberman, Anatoly, University of Minnesota Press, 1983.
  • Germanic Accentology, Volume I. Liberman, Anatoly, University of Minnesota Press, 1982.
  • Award for Outstanding Contributions to Graduate and Professional Teaching, 2011
  • MLA Prize for a Distinguished Bibliography, 2011
  • American Council of Learned Societies, 2001 - 2002
  • Fesler-Lampert Professorship in the Humanities, 1999 - 2002
  • An international festschift GERMANIC STUDIES IN HONOR OF ANATOLY LIBERMAN, 1997
  • VERBATIM-Dictionary Society of North America award for the best project of the year, 1996
  • Bush Fellowship, Fall 1995 - Spring 1996
  • NEH Summer Scholarship, 1995
  • McKnight Research Award, 1994 - 1996
  • Fulbright Scholar Award, 1988
  • College of Liberal Arts Scholars of the College, University of Minnesota, 1986
  • Numerous feature articles inside and outside of the Twin Cities area
  • Prize for the best book in Folklore, 1985
  • Fellowship at Clare Hall, Cambridge University, Fall 1984
  • Guggenheim Fellowship, Fall 1982 - Spring 1983
  • Two NEH Summer Seminars, 1980 and 1991
  • American-Scandinavian Foundation Scholarship for study in Iceland, Summer 1979