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Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
220 Folwell Hall
9 Pleasant St SE

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • PhD: East Asian Studies, University of Toronto, 2010.
  • MA: Japanese Studies, National University of Singapore, 2004.
  • BA: English (Creative Writing), University of the Philippines, 1999.


  • Modern Japanese Literature
  • Japanese Cinema and Animation
  • Science Fiction and Empire
  • Techno-orientalisms
  • Culture and Capitalism
  • Politics of Genres and Cultural Formations
Courses Taught
  • ALL3437: The Japanese Novel
  • ALL3467: Science Fiction, Empire, Japan
  • ALL3458: Japanese Animation
  • ALL5486: Images of "Japan"
  • ALL5920: Visuality and Japanese Modernity
Research & Professional Activities


  • Double Fictions, Double Visions: The Doppelganger in Japanese Film and Literature: A study of the figure of the doppelganger as it manifests in films and fictions of Japanese modernity not only as a recurring motif, but also as a critical practice of concepts through which the constellation of relations of various discourses and practices of modernity – psychoanalysis, criminology, visuality, colonialism, race, etc. – can be traced at specific historical junctures. Authors discussed include Edogawa Rampo, Tanizaki Jun’ichirô, and Akutagawa Ryûnosuke, alongside the films of Tsukamoto Shin'ya and Kurosawa Kiyoshi.
  • The Transpacific Politics of Futurity: Premised on Japan’s doubled status as both the only non-Western colonial empire as well as racialized object of the fantasies of difference in Anglo-American science fictions, this project examines a range of critical issues arising from the focalization of the relationship between science fiction and colonial modernity through the prism of the Japanese context: the rise of a planetary consciousness and the imagination of the space of empire, the politics of the writing of alternate histories, utopian and dystopian imaginations, constructions of race and gender in posthumanist discourse, translation and transnational fandom and the political-economy of world literature, among others.
  • Posadas, Baryon Tensor Tensor. Double Visions, Double Fictions: The Doppelganger in Japanese Film and Literature. University of Minnesota Press, 2018.
  • Aramaki Yoshio. The Sacred Era: A Novel. University of Minnesota Press, 2017. (Translation)
  • Posadas, Baryon Tensor. “Beyond Techno-orientalism: Virtual Worlds and Identity Tourism in Japanese Cyberpunk.” In Isiah Lavender III, ed. Dis-Orienting Planets: Racial Representation of Asia in Science Fiction . University Press of Mississippi, 2017.
  • Posadas, Baryon Tensor Tensor. "Remaking Yamato, Remaking Japan: Space Battleship Yamato and SF Anime." Science Fiction Film and Television 7.3 (2014): 315-342.
  • Posadas, Baryon Tensor Tensor. "Fantasies of the End of the World: The Politics of Repetition in the Films of Kurosawa Kiyoshi." positions: asia critique 22.2 (2014): 429-460.
  • Posadas, Baryon Tensor Tensor. "The Sky Crawlers and the Transmediation of Science Fictional Worlds." Poetica: An International Journal of Linguistic-Literary Studies 78 (2012): 113-130.
  • Posadas, Baryon Tensor. “Remediations of ‘Japan’ in number9dream” in Sarah Dillon, ed. David Mitchell: Critical Essays . Canterbury, UK: Gylphi, 2011. 77-103.
  • Posadas, Baryon Tensor Tensor. "Rampo’s Repetitions: The Doppelganger in Edogawa Rampo and Tsukamoto Shin’ya." Japan Forum 21.2 (2010): 161-182.
  • Imagine Fund Faculty Award, July 2017 - June 2018
  • Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2011 - 2013