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Hubbard School of Journalism And Mass Communication
206 Church St SE
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I am a journalism studies scholar focused on what is happening to news in a changing media environment. My research concentrates primarily on how different actors publicly compete to define journalism and its boundaries, dictate its normative and ethical commitments, and establish proper forms of news—all of which has epistemic and political consequences for society. My research program advances conceptual tools to make sense of these processes, including journalistic authority, metajournalistic discourse, and boundary work.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Communication, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, 2007.
  • MA: Communication, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, 2002.
  • BA: Communication, Loyola University Chicago, 2000.


  • Journalism Studies
  • Media technology and theory
Courses Taught
  • JOUR 1001: Media in a Changing World
  • JOUR 8651: Mass Communication, Audiences & Society
  • Books

    Carlson, M. (2017). Journalistic authority: Legitimating news in the digital era. New York: Columbia University Press.

    Recent Articles

    Carlson, M. (2018). Automating judgment? algorithmic judgment, news knowledge, and journalistic professionalism. New Media & Society, 20(5), 1755-1772.

    Carlson, M. (2018). Confronting measurable journalism. Digital Journalism, 6(4), 406-417.

    Carlson, M., Robinson, S., Lewis, S.C., & Berkowitz, D. (2018). Journalism studies and its core commitments: The making of a communication field. Journal of Communication, 68(1), 6-25.

    Carlson, M. (2018). Facebook in the news: Social media, journalism, and public responsibility following the 2016 Trending Topics controversy. Digital Journalism, 6(1). 4-20.

    Carlson, M. (2016). Metajournalistic discourse and the meanings of journalism: Definitional control, boundary work, and legitimation. Communication Theory, 26(4), 349-368.

    Carlson, M. (2016). Embedded links, embedded meanings: Social media commentary and news sharing as mundane media criticism. Journalism Studies, 17(7), 915-924.

    Carlson, M. & Usher, N. (2016). News startups as agents of innovation: For-profit digital news startup manifestos as metajournalistic discourse. Digital Journalism, 4(5), 563-581.

    Carlson, M. (2015). The robotic reporter: Automated journalism and the redefinition of labor, compositional forms, and journalistic authority. Digital Journalism, 3(3), 416-431.

    Carlson, M. (2015). When news sites go native: Redefining the advertising-editorial divide in response to native advertising. Journalism, 15(7), 849-865.

  • Wolfgang Donsbach Outstanding Journal Article of the Year Award, Journalism Studies division, International Communication Association, 2017