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Bruno Chaouat received his PhD in French literature from Emory University. Since 2002, he has been teaching in the Department of French and Italian, as well as in the Center for Jewish Studies, at the University of Minnesota. He has been the director of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota, and Chair of the Department of French and Italian. He is also a Honorary Fellow at the Center for the Study of Jewish Culture, Society and Politics, Durham University, UK, and Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques. After publishing on the French romantic writer Francois-René de Chateaubriand, and especially on the question of autobiography, experience and death (Je meurs par morceaux. Chateaubriand, Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 1999), he focussed his research on testimony and Holocaust studies. He has published numerous articles in France and the US on authors such as Jorge Semprun, Robert Antelme, Marguerite Duras, Patrick Modiano, Jean Genet, Richard Millet, Albert Memmi, etc. He has edited several volumes and conference proceedings (Penser la terreur, 2009; Lire, écrire la honte, 2003). He also dedicated a book to French thought in the aftermath of the Cold War (L’Ombre pour la proie, 2012). More recently he published a book on French responses to the resurgence of antisemitism, and the relations between postmodern thought and those responses (Is Theory Good for the Jews? French Thought and the Challenge of the New Antisemitism, Liverpool University Press, 2016). He is currently working on several different projects, among which a book on the return of ancient Gnostic themes in French modern literature and philosophy in the long 20th century (Anywhere Out of the World: Gnostic Sparks in Modern French Literature and Thought). He is currently working on several articles and chapters on this question--one on Louis-Ferdinand Céline and Emmanuel Levinas, one on Georges Bataille, one on Maurice Blanchot.

Educational Background & Specialties


  • Holocaust studies
  • Ethics and literature
  • 20th century novel
  • Literary theory
  • Intellectual and cultural history (20th-21st century France)
Courses Taught
  • “¢ The Holocaust in France: Testimony, Fiction, Theory
  • “¢ Jews in Modern France
  • “¢ Remnants of the Epic (French 20th Century Prose)
  • “¢ What is Terrorism: From Russian Nihilists to Al-Qaeda
Research & Professional Activities

Professional Activities

  • Assistant Professor, Berea College: 1995 - 2002
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University: 2001 - 2002
  • Books:
    “¢Je meurs par morceaux. Chateaubriand (Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, coll. “Objet,“ 1999).
  • Edited volumes:

    “¢“Chateaubriand inconnu,“Revue des Sciences Humaines 247 (1997)
    “¢“Writing One’s Death: Between Fiction and Testimony,“L’Esprit Créateur XL:1 (Spring 2000).
    “¢ "Lire, écrire la honte," Actes du colloque de Cerisy-la-Salle, Presses Universitaires de Lyon (2007).
    “¢ "Penser la terreur," Actes du Colloque de Cerisy-la-Salle, Presses Universitaires de Dijon (2010).
  • Articles:
    “¢““˜La mort ne recí¨le pas tant de mystí¨re’: Robert Antelme’s Defaced Humanism,“L’Esprit Créateur XL:1 (Spring 2000).
    “¢“Ce que chier veut dire: les ultima excreta de Robert Antelme,“Revue des Sciences Humaines 261 (February 2001).
    “¢“Noli me legere: Renaud Camus et le livre étoilé,“Revue des Sciences Humaines 266/267 (Spring/Summer 2002).
    “¢“Being in France,“ September 2005, Modern Language Notes, Volume 120, Number 4.
    “¢“Forty Years of Suffering,“L’Esprit Créateur, Fall 2005, Volume 15, Number 3, special issue “Suffering, Writing, Reading.“ Guest-editors: Martine Delvaux and Alexandre Dauge-Roth.
    “¢“L’Amérique í  fleur de peau,“Sites: The Journal of 20th-Century/Contemporary French Studies, 8:4.
    “¢“In the Image of Auschwitz,“Diacritics, volume 36, number 1, Spring 2006.
    “¢“Langues de terre : Au-delí  du philosémitisme,“Critique, numéro 714, 2006.
    “¢“Impasse: Entre Albert Memmi et Jacques Derrida,“Le Coq héron, special issue on shame, guest edited by Monique Selz, 2006.
    “¢“Nouvelles questions juives aprí¨s le 11 septembre,“Controverses, numéro 5, juin 2007.
    “¢“Out of Palestine: Jean Genet’s Shooting Stars,“Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in the Francophone World,
    “¢“Tropismes juifs dans la pensée franí§aise,“Pardí¨s, 2009.
    “¢“La Place de l’Etoile, quarante ans aprí¨s,“Lectures de Modiano, ed. Roger-Yves Roche, Editions Cécile Defaut, 2009.
    “¢“Colí¨re de Richard Millet,“ March 2009, Colí¨res d’écrivains, sous la direction de Jean-Pierre Martin, Edition Cécile Defaut.
    “¢“Moroseness in Post-Cold War France,“Yale French Studies, special issue entitled Turn to the Right?, ed. Larry Schehr, 2010.
    “¢“Un vent d’obscénité,“Contemporary French Civilization, forthcoming, 35:1, Fall 2010.
    “¢“Humain, inhumain : Apories théoriques et littéraires aprí¨s la Shoah,“ forthcoming, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.
    “¢“Du négationnisme au néga-sionisme,“L’Arche , Paris, September 2010.
    “¢“Les Juifs ont-ils viréí  droite?“L’Arche, Paris, forthcoming 2011.
  • Faculty Summer Research/McKnight Summer Research Fellowhip, Summer 2003