Norman O Dahl

Educational Background & Specialties


  • Aristotle on substance and essence
  • Plato's ethics
  • obligation, praiseworthiness, and blameworthiness
  • moral philosophy
  • Kantian ethical theory
  • practical reason
  • ancient Greek philosophy
  • Aristotle's ethics
Courses Taught
  • Phil 3001W - General History of Western Philosophy: Ancient Period
  • Phil 3311W - Introduction to Ethical Theory
  • On Substance Being the Same as its Essence in Metaphysics Z 6: The Pale Man Argument. Dahl, Norman, Journal of the History of Philosophy, 1999.
  • Nicmachean Ethics, Bks III-IV, Theses and Arguments, and Alternative Interpretations. Dahl, Norman, Project Archelogos, Forthcoming.
  • Substance the Same as its Essence in Metaphysics vii 6: The Argument About Platonic Forms. Dahl, Norman, Ancient Philosophy, 2003.
  • Two Kinds of Essence in Aristotle: A Pale Man is Not the Same as His Essence. Dahl, Norman, Philosophical Review 106, 1997.
  • Plato's Defense of Justice. Dahl, Norman, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 51, 1991.
  • Obligation and Moral Worth: Reflections on Prichard and Kant. Dahl, Norman, Philosophical Studies 50, 1986.
  • Morality, Moral Dilemmas, and Moral Requirements. Dahl, Norman, Moral Dilemmas and Moral Theory, Oxford University Press, 1996.
  • Morality and the Meaning of Life: Some First Thoughts. Dahl, Norman, Canadian Journal of Philosophy 17, 1987.
  • Practical Reason, Aristotle, and Weakness of the Will. Dahl, Norman, University of Minnesota Press, 1984.