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As a rhetorician and technical communicator, I study the ways people use language to get things done. I'm especially interested in communication and decision-making in the face of complexity and the role technology plays in those processes. As a teacher-scholar, I strive to foster critical engagement with scientific and technical information.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Professional and Technical Writing, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2018.
  • M.A.: Professional and Technical Writing, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2015.
  • B.A.: English, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, 2011.
Courses Taught
  • WRIT 3562: Technical and Professional Writing
  • WRIT 3029: Business and Professional Writing
  • Daniel J. Card, Molly M. Kessler, S. Scott Graham (2018). Representing without representation: A feminist new material exploration of patient experience in federal pharmaceuticals policy . Feminist Rhetorical Science Studies: Human Bodies, Posthumanist Worlds, 183-204.
  • Graham, S.S., Kessler, M.M.,Kim, S-Y., Ahn, S., & Card, D.J. (2018). Patient engagement: A systematic assessment of the FDA patient and consumer representative programs. . Rhetoric of Health and Medicine, 1, 58-89.
  • Graham, S.S., Kessler, M.M. Card, D.J., Olson, M., Ahn, S., Sang-Yeon, K. (2016). Conflicts of interest among patient and consumer representatives to FDA Drug Advisory Committees.. Annals of Internal Medicine,
  • Graham, S.S., Harley, A., Kessler, M.M., Robert, L., DeVasto, D., Card, D.J., Neuner, J., and Kim, S-Y. (2016). Catalyzing Transdisciplinarity: A Systems Ethnography of Cancer-Obesity Comorbidity and Risk Coincidence.
  • Kim, S-Y., Graham, S.S., Ahn, S., Olson, M.K., Card, D.J., Kessler, M.M., DeVasto, D.D., Roberts, L.R., Bubacy, F.A. (2016). Correcting biased Cohen's Kappa in NVivo. . Communication Methods and Measures,
  • Card, Dan, Kelly, A.R., Miller, C.R., Fanning, S.N., Kessler, M.M., Graham, S.S., & card, D.J., (2015). Expertise and Data in the Articulation of Risk.. Poroi, 11, 1-9.