Beaudelaine Pierre

Beaudelaine Pierre’s academic and creative journey explores questions of relational ontologies through the lenses of Afro Caribbean philosophy and of feminist theory. Her dissertation, The Politics of Living Haiti, engages with Haiti as sites of distinctiveness emerging from and participating in webs of multiple, competing, and entangled hegemonic and non-hegemonic projects of power. Thinking Haiti as existing and emerging in relationships (which contrasts with taking Haiti as Haiti-in-itself or as exiting prior to the relationships in which it participates) carries practical, political implications, including how to ethically account for the construction, reproduction, and circulation of Haiti and Haitian lives in a variety of contexts. Through The Politics of Living Haiti, Pierre brings forth a creolized, dehistoricizied, and decolonial approach from which more ethical, just, and multiple Haiti stories and world stories can be and are lived.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Master in Public Affairs : Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, 2011.
  • Post-Gradue in Population & Development: Faculté des Sciences Humaines, Université d’État d’Haiti, 2004.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Social Communication: Faculté des Sciences Humaines, Université d’État d’Haiti, 2002.


  • Littérature afro-caribéenne
  • Decolonial thought
  • Feminist epistemology
  • Haiti and Haitian Lakou
  • Literary nonfiction & narrative inquiry
  • Women and(in) development
Courses Taught
  • GWSS 3301W - Women Writers(Instructor, University of Minnesota)
  • GWSS 1001: Gender, Power, Everyday Life (Instructor, University of Minnesota)
  • GWSS 3003: Gender and Global Politics (Instructor, University of Minnesota)
  • 3900/5900 Topics in Global Studies (Research Assistant, University of Minnesota)
  • GWSS 3102V/3102W Honors: Feminist Thought and Theory (Teaching Assistant, University of Minnesota)
  • GWSS 1002 Politics of Sex (Teaching Assistant, University of Minnesota).
Research & Professional Activities


  • Beaudelaine Pierre is a novelist, essayist, and short story writer. Her essay, You May Have the Suitcase Now was selected as the winner of the 2019 CDS Documentary Essay Prize in writing. Pierre has published three novels, La Négresse de Saint-Domingue, L’enfant qui Voulait Devenir Président, and Testaman. She coedited, with Nataša Ďurovičová, How to Write an Earthquake: Comment écrire et quoi écrire / Mou pou 12 Janvye, the first anthology regarding the 2010 Haitian earthquake to be published in English, French, and Creole and written entirely by Haitian poets, writers, and artists. Pierre's current musings explore the meaning of “hosting” as a mode of being, of being in reciprocal relations like, what it means to host, to be hosted, to be offered a home, to refuse homes or alter them; musings that bring into view the material, spiritual, imaginative, and multidimensional configurations of one’s geographies, the kind of Haitian-Canadian writer Dany Laferriere calls upon when he titles his book “Je suis un écrivain japonais”.,
  • 1st prize, 2019 CDS Documentary Essay Prize in Writing for “You May Have the Suitcase Now”, essay.
  • 2019 RIGS GRPP Graduate Summer Fellowship.
  • 2018/2019: Editors’ Choice selection, 2018 Many Voices Project competitions for her collection of nonfiction essay: You May Have the Suitcase Now;
  • 2014: Beyond the Pure Fellowship for Writers Award, Intermedia Arts;
  • 2012: Prix d’Honneur de l’Université d’État d’Haiti pour la redaction de sa thèse en Créole sous la direction du Professeur Ary Régis.
  • 2009-2010: Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Award (U.S. Department of State).
  • 2009: Prix de reconnaissance de la promotion artistique et culturelle d’Haiti par le Club francophone et la Haitian Student Association (HASA) de Brooklyn College, CUNY.
  • 2007: Writer in residence, International Writing Program, University of Iowa.
  • 2004: Premier prix du journal L’Union pour la nouvelle courte, « La montée
  • 2002: Premier prix du Concours de roman en Créole, Jounal Bon Nouvèl pour Testaman.