John F Hart

I am just an old-fashioned country geographer who likes to make and use maps. I try to understand what I see as I ramble through rural areas, and I supplement my observations with census data and maps that are based on these data. I enjoy sharing what I have learned, both in the classroom and through scholarly publication, which to me are inseparable aspects of the research process.  Most of my publications have dealt with aspects of rural landscapes in the Midwest and in the South.

Educational Background & Specialties


  • cultural geography
  • farms
  • geographic writing
  • historical
  • landscapes of the Midwest and South
  • maps/mapping
  • Minnesota geography
  • rural
  • rural demographics
  • US and Canada
Courses Taught
  • Geog 3101 - Geography of the United States and Canada
  • Geog 5393 - The Rural Landscape~
  • Geog 8005 - Proseminar in Population Geography
  • Geog 8300 - Seminar in Geographical Writing
Research & Professional Activities

Professional Activities

  • President, Past Association of American Geographers:
  • The American Farm. Hart, John, Barnes and Noble, 1998.
  • The Rural Landscape. Hart, John, Johns Hopkins, 1998.
  • Small Towns Can't Stop Growing. Hart, John, Tanya Bendickson, CURA Reporter, 19(3), pp. 1-5, Sep-85.
  • Change in the Corn Belt. Hart, John, Geographical Review. 76(1), pp. 51-72, 1986.
  • Population Change in the Upper Lake States. Hart, John, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 74(2), pp. 221-43, 1984.
  • Distinguished Teacher Award, National Council for Geographic Education
  • Geographical Society of Chicago Publication Award
  • Guggenheim Fellowship
  • Honors for Distinguished Scholarship, Association of American Geographers
  • Vouras Medal, American Geographical Society of New York, 2001