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The background to most of my research is an interest in the diverse manifestations of capitalism and popular (or not so popular) expressions to move beyond capitalism. The diversity of these manifestations extends to the challenge of conceptualizing and representing what capitalism even is and what sort of value undergirds it.

My new book, a critical but sympathetic reading of Marx, is called Value in Marx: The Persistence of Value in a More-Than-Capitalist World (2013). The book comes out of a long-term engagement with the interests I named just above.

Additionally, I have interests in the history and teaching of geographic thought. (See the edited volume I published in 2009 with Marv Waterstone, Geographic Thought: A Praxis Perspective.) I teach in that area, as well as in urban geography, social-cultural geography, and Marx's political economy. My regional focus is on the United States. If you glance at the list of publications below you'll see some of the other topics and themes that have grabbed my attention.

Very recently, I am developing a renewed fascination with narrative film as a locus of social and cultural critique. This includes an article on David Fincher's film adaptation of "Fight Club," from the standpoint of how it represents and challenges capitalist value, and now extends to a desire to write about post-apocalyptic films (e.g. "The Road"), from the standpoint of their largely post-capitalist social-spatial imaginary.

Finally, I am planning to delve into sonic geographies, especially the materialities attending to the production and playing of the acoustic guitar. This, with the theoretical guidance of Jacque Rancière, and the "sound" guidance of John Fahey.

Educational Background & Specialties
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Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Geography, University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, California, 1992


  • Post-capitalist politics
  • Marxism
  • Value theory of labor
  • Marxist cultural critique