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Hyejoon Rim is an assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota. Her primary research area is corporate social responsibility (CSR), consumer skepticism, and crisis communication. Hyejoon's research agenda is shaped by questions such as 1) how to demonstrate the value of public relations in enhancing organizational reputation, 2) what are the strategic factors that explain the effects of CSR: when they work and how to make them more effective, 3) to what extent consumer skepticism influences CSR outcomes, and 4) why public responses to company's crisis messages vary. Emphasizing the benefits of applied research, her work blends organizational communication and management, new media studies, consumer behaviors, and international communication. She has published her research in journals including the Journal of Communication, Journal of Business Research, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, and Public Relations Review. Prior to pursuing her academic career, she worked as an account executive for McCann-Erickson, and a senior account executive for InComm Brodeur (currently merged with Ketchum) in Korea. Hyejoon has been awarded the 2015 Arthur W. Page Legacy Scholar grant.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D: Mass Communication, University of Florida, 2013.
  • M.S.: Public Relations, Syracuse University, 2009.


  • Public Relations and Public Engagement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility/ Cause-Related Marketing/ Social Marketing
  • Crisis Communication
  • Social Media and Emerging Technologies
  • International Communication
  • Reputation Management
Courses Taught
  • JOUR 3201 Principle of Strategic Communication
  • JOUR 3251 Evaluative Research in Strategic Communication
  • JOUR 4263 Strategic Communication Campaigns
  • JOUR 8204 Measuring the Effectiveness of Communication Campaigns
  • JOUR 8621 Public Relations Theory and Research
  • Lee, J., & Rim, H. (Forthcoming). Evolution of corporate social responsibility: A content analysis of United States magazine advertising, 1980-2009. Journal of Promotion Management.
  • Rim, H., & Ferguson, M. A (Forthcoming). Proactive vs reactive CSR in a crisis: an impression management perspective. International Journal of Business Communication.
  • Rim, H., & Dong, C. (Forthcoming). Trust and distrust in society and publics’ perception of CSR: A cross-cultural study. Social Responsibility Journal.
  • Lee, S. Y., & Rim, H. (Forthcoming). Company–nonprofit partnerships, negative spillover, and response strategies. International Journal of Strategic Communication. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/1553118X.2017.1320558
  • Rim, H., & Song, D. (in press). Corporate Message Strategies for Global CSR Campaigns: The Mediating Role of Perceived Altruism. Corporate Communications: an International Journal.
  • Lee, J., & Rim, H. (2017). Consumer Evaluation of Cause-Brand Alliance in Cause-Related Advertising: The Role of Brand Familiarity and Personal Relevance. Business Management and Strategy, 8(1), 1-20.
  • Rim, H. & Kim, S. (2016). Dimensions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) skepticism and their impact on public evaluations toward CSR. Journal of Public Relations Research, 28, 248-267.
  • Rim, H., Yang, S.-U., & Lee, J. (2016). Strategic partnerships with nonprofits in corporate social responsibility (CSR): The mediating role of perceived altruism and organizational identification. Journal of Business Research, 69, 3213-3219.
  • Rim, H., & Song, D. (2016). "How negative becomes less negative”: Understanding the effects of comment valence and response sidedness in social media. Journal of Communication, 66(3), 475-495. Link
  • Lee, S.Y., & Rim, H. (2016). Negative spillover in corporate-nonprofit partnerships: Exploring the effects of company-cause congruence and organization-public relationships. Public Relations Review. 42(4), 710-712
  • Rim, H., Ha, J. H., & Kiousis, S. (2014). Evidence of compelling argument in the agenda-building process during pandemic outbreak: Relationships among public information subsidies, media coverage, and risk perceptions. Journal of Communication Management., 18(1), 101-116.
  • Rim, H. & Song, D. (2013). The ability of corporate blog communication to enhance CSR effectiveness: The role of prior company reputation and blog responsiveness. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 7(3), 165-185. (Both authors contributed equally).
  • Chan-Olmsted, S. M., Rim, H., & Zerba, A. (2013). Mobile news adoption among young adults: Examining the roles of perceptions, news consumption, and media usage. Journalism & Mass Communications Quarterly, 90(1), 126-147.
  • Hong, S. Y. & Rim, H. (2010). The influence of customer use of corporate websites: Corporate social responsibility, trust, and word-of-mouth communication. Public Relations Review, 36(4), 389-391.
  • Hong, S. Y., Yang, S.-U., & Rim, H. (2010). The influence of corporate social responsibility and customer-company identification on publics’ dialogic communication intentions. Public Relations Review, 36(2), 196-198.
  • Arthur W. Page Legacy Scholar Grant, 2015
  • IDEA Multicultural Research Award, University of Minnesota, 2015
  • Bob Heath Top Faculty Paper, Public Relations Division, International Communication Association, 2014
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award, College of Journalism and Communications, University of Florida, 2013
  • First Place Top Student Paper, Public Relations Division, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, 2012
  • Top Four Student Paper, Public Relations Division, International Communication Association, 2011
  • Top Four Student Paper, Public Relations Division, International Communication Association, 2010
  • Graduate School Fellow, University of Florida, 2009 - 2013
  • International Students Award, University of Florida, 2012
  • Outstanding Achievement, International Center, University of Florida, 2012, 2011, 2010