Collegiate Affiliation

Dr. Jordan Lovejoy is an American Council of Learned Societies Emerging Voices Fellow and Postdoctoral Associate at the Liberal Arts Engagement Hub.

Dr. Lovejoy is a folklorist who studies environmental storytelling in Appalachia. Her ethnographic fieldwork explores the storytelling and memorialization of a 2001 flood in southern West Virginia, and her research examines what literary and vernacular flood stories reveal about how people negotiate their beliefs and activism in relation to climate change and social and environmental justice. Dr. Lovejoy’s scholarship centers the storytelling of those who historically experience the combined effects of social oppression and environmental destruction to amplify the diverse perspectives and creative activism of people who are imagining and building livability in their places despite intersecting crises.

Dr. Lovejoy has also worked with several community engagement programs like the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation’s Central Appalachian Folk and Traditional Arts Survey and Planning Project, Ohio State’s Ohio Field Schools project, and with the Wyoming East High School theater program.

Dr. Lovejoy has a PhD in English with an interdisciplinary specialization in folklore and an MA in English from The Ohio State University, and she received her BA in English, Spanish, and Women’s & Gender Studies from West Virginia University.