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Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1970: .

Curriculum Vitae


  • political tolerance
  • political psychology
  • elections
  • American politics
  • electronic communication
Courses Taught
  • Introduction to American Government and Politics
  • Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
  • Introduction to Political Research
  • Honors Seminar in Political Science Research
  • Civil Liberties in America
  • American Political Culture and Values
  • The American Democracy
  • Public Opinion and Voting Behavior
  • Political Psychology
  • Political Psychology of Elite Behavior
  • Political Psychology of Mass Behavior
  • Political Psychology of Conformity, Enmity, Heroism
  • Political Socialization
  • Comparative Political Psychology
  • Psychological Perspectives and Foreign Policy Decision-Making
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Basic and Applied Statistics
  • Measurement Theory; Advanced Topics in Regression Analysis
  • Q-Methodology
Research & Professional Activities

Professional Activities

  • Chair: Political Science Department, University of Minnesota , 2004 - 2007
  • Co-Editor: Political Psychology , 1997 -
  • Co-Founder & Co-director: Center for the Study of Political Psychology , 1995 - 2004
  • Major journal co-editorships: Political Psychology, American Journal of Political Science, Quantitative Applications Social Sciences, Polit , 1972 - 2004


  • Cooperation: Bringing together and integrating work in political science and psychology on cooperation; its effects on individuals, groups and institutions, 2004 - 2008
  • Negative Campaign Advertising: analysis of ads used in political campaigns, and examination of how citizens define, identify, and react to negative ads, 2000 - ongoing
  • Individualism vs. communitarianism in civic education: analysis of rights vs. responsibilities in civics texts and guidelines; analysis of high school civics students' attitudes toward rights and responsibilities of citizenship, 1998 - 2006
  • Community electronic networks and social and political capital: the role of social and political capital in determining how rural communities set up their electronic networks, and an examination of the longer-term, 1996 - 2007


  • College in the Schools Program, Political Science Program Director: train and supervise high school teachers offering American Politics college level course for credit, 2000 - 2004
  • Electronic Democracy in Rural Areas: Investigated impact on rural civic and economic life of efforts to create widely-available computer networks in rural counties, 1995 - 2007
  • Political Tolerance and Civil Liberties Curriculum Development: Tolerance for Diversity of Beliefs: A Secondary Curriculum Unit, (Boulder, Colorado: Social Science Education Consortium, 1993)., 1989 - 1995
  • Updating Skills Courses for the Legislative Auditors' Staff: refresh staff on sampling and other social science statistical issues, periodic sessions


  • Rock the Nation: partnership with Rock the Vote Organization, funded by a hundred and fifty thousand dollar grant from the Pew Cheritable Trusts, 1995 - 2000
  • Electronic Networks & Civic Life: long-term research project funded by a half million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation, 1996 -
  • Co-editor, Political Psychology, the official journal of the International Society of Political Psychology: edit the journal, review and accept/reject scholarly manuscripts, create special issues or special topics, etc., 1997 - 2004
  • Public Support for Civil Liberties Pre and Post 9/11: Sullivan, John, with Henriet Hendriks, Annual Review of Law and Social Science, vol. 5 pp. 375-391, 2009. Link
  • The Political Psychology of Democratic Citizenship. Sullivan, John, with Eugene Borgida & Christopher Federico, Oxford University Press, Co-Editor, 2009. Link
  • Racism, Sexism and Candidate Evaluations in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election: Sullivan, John, with Caitlin E. Dwyer, Daniel Stevens & Barbara Allen, Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 9 pp. 223-240, 2009. Link
  • What’s Good for the Goose is Bad for the Gander: Negative Political Advertising, Partisanship and Turnout: Sullivan, John, with Daniel Stevens, Barbara Allen and Dean Alger, Journal of Politics, 70 527-541, 2008. Link
  • Cooperation: The Political Psychology of Effective Human Interaction. Sullivan, John, with Brandon Sullivan & Mark Snyder, Blackwell/Wiley, Co-Editor, 2008. Link
  • The Centrality of Cooperation in the Functioning of Individuals and Groups: Sullivan, John, with Brandon A. Sullivan and Mark Snyder, Blackwell/Wiley, Cooperation: The Political Psychology of Effective Human Interaction, 1-16, 2008.
  • The Political Psychology of Cooperation: Synthesis and Prospects: Sullivan, John, with Brandon A. Sullivan, Mark Snyder and Chris Chapp, Blackwell/Wiley, Cooperation: The Political Psychology of Effective Human Interaction, 343-358, 2008.
  • The Price of Rights: Exploring the Role of Individualism, Collectivism, Rights and Obligations in Students' Reported Political Intentions and Civic Behaviors: Sullivan, John, with Angela L. Bos, Ian Williamson, Marti Hope Gonzales & Patricia Avery, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 37 1265-1284, 2007.
  • The Importance of Political Context for Understanding Civic Engagement: A Longitudinal Analysis: Sullivan, John, with Alina Oxendine, Eugene Borgida, Eric Riedel, Melinda Jackson & Jessica Dial, Political Behavior, 29 31-67, 2007. Link
  • Using American Sign Language in Assessing End-of-Life-Care Educational Needs of Deaf Persons: Lessons on Language, Culture and Research Practices: Sullivan, John, with Barbara Allen, Nancy Meyers and Melissa Sullivan, Nova Publishers, Towards Best Practices for Surveying People with Disabilities, 47-69, 2007. Link
  • Local News and Perceptions of the Rhetoric of Political Advertising: Sullivan, John, with Daniel Stevens, Greg Marfleet, Daniel Stevens and Dean Alger, American Politics Research, 35 506-540, 2007. Link
  • Local News Coverage in a Social Capital Capital: Election 2000 on Minnesota's Local News Stations: Sullivan, John, with Daniel Stevens, Dean Alger & Barbara Allen, Political Communication, 23 61-84, 2006. Link
  • With Malice Toward Some: How People Make Civil Liberties Judgments. Sullivan, John, with George E. Marcus, Elizabeth Theis-Morse, & Sandra Wood, Cambridge University Press, Author, 1995. Link
  • Tolerance for Diversity of Beliefs: A Secondary Curriculum Unit. Sullivan, John, with Patricia Avery, Dorothy Hoffman, Karen Bird, Sandra Johnstone, Kristina Thalhammer, Amy Fried & Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, Social Science Education Consortium, Author, 1993. Link
  • Political Tolerance in Context: Support for Unpopular Minorities in Israel, New Zealand, and the United States. Sullivan, John, with Michal Shamir, Nigel Roberts & Patrick Walsh, Westview Press, Co-Author, 1985. Link
  • Political Tolerance and American Democracy . Sullivan, John, with James Piereson & George E. Marcus, University of Chicago Press, Author, 1982. Link
  • The Electorate Reconsidered . Sullivan, John, edited with John C. Pierce, Sage Publications, Author, 1980. Link
  • Multiple Indicators: An Introduction. Sullivan, John, with Stanley Feldman, Sage Publications, Co-Author, 1979. Link
  • Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2007 - ongoing
  • Philip Converse Award for Most Outstanding Book Published Five or More Years Ago, given by the American Political Science Association’s Organized Sect, 2006
  • Harold Lasswell Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions to the field, International Society of Political Psychology, 2002
  • Arlene Carlson Chair in American Government and Politics, University of Minnesota, 2001 - 2008
  • Award for Outstanding Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Education, 2001
  • Regents' Professor. University of Minnesota Board of Regents, 1999
  • Six Major National Science Foundation Grants
  • Best Book Award for With Malice Toward Some, Political Psychology Section, American Political Science Association, 1996
  • Faculty Mentor Award, Women's Caucus in Political Science, American Political Science Association, 1996
  • Morse Amoco/Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Award, University of Minnesota, 1995
  • Scholar of the College, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota, 1992 - 1995
  • Best Paper Award, American Educational Research Association Meetings, 1992 and 1995
  • Heinz Eulau Award, Best Paper Published in American Political Science Review, American Political Science Association, 1990