Michael B Kac

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812 Heller Hall
271 19th Ave S

Educational Background & Specialties


  • formal theories of language
  • philosophy of language
  • syntax and semantics of natural language
  • philosophy of music
Courses Taught
  • Phil 1001 - Introduction to Logic
  • Phil 1001H - Honors Course: Introduction to Logic
  • Phil 5201 - Symbolic Logic I
  • The Proper Treatment of Singular Terms in Ordinary English. Kac, Michael, Mind 106, 1997.
  • A Nonpsychological Realist Conception of Linguistic Rules: Kac, Michael, John Benjamins Publishing Co., The Reality of Linguistic Rules, 1994.
  • Grammars and Grammaticality. Kac, Michael, John Benjamins Publishing Co., 1992.
  • A Simplified Theory of Boolean Semantic Types: Kac, Michael, Journal of Semantics, 9 , 1992.
  • Corepresentation of Grammatical Structure. Kac, Michael, University of Minnesota Press & Croom Helm, Ltd., 1978.