Collegiate Affiliation

My research focuses on the identification and treatment of perturbations in upper aerodigestive physiology that impede an infant’s ability to successfully breathe and orally feed. As part of this line I have worked in the development of non-invasive diagnostic technologies designed to guide precise and personalized dysphagia care among infants born premature, those with congenital heart defects, spinal muscular atrophy, and those suffering from chronic respiratory deficits.

Educational Background & Specialties
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Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Health & Rehabilitation Science, Medical University of South Carolina, 2014
  • M.S.: Communication Science & Disorders, Medical University of South Carolina, 2010
  • B.S.: Communication Science & Disorders, The College of Saint Rose, 2008


  • Pediatric Aerodigestive Physiology
  • Dysphagia (Swallowing Disorders)
  • Medically Fragile Infants