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Educational Background & Specialties


  • masculinity, personhood and modernity
  • the state in the Pacific
  • symbolic, political-legal, and psychoanalytic anthropology
  • Bakhtinian dialogism
  • Papua New Guinea, Sepik River, the Pacific
  • romance, the body
  • nonWestern people in mass media
  • class cross-culturally
  • climate change and culture
  • social theory
  • material culture
  • communications technology, cross-culturally
  • Social media
Courses Taught
  • Anth 1005W - Cultural Diversity and the World System
  • Anth 3242 W "Hero, Savage or Equal?: Representations of Nonwestern Peoples in the Movies
  • Anth 3046w The Anthropology of Romance
  • Anth 3036 The Body in Society
  • Anth 1003w Understanding Cultures
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  • McKnight Land Grant Professorship