Dr. Madelaine Cahuas is a critical human geographer and Latina feminist urban scholar. Her work examines how racialized migrant communities experience, negotiate, contest and transform the cities in which they live. She particularly focuses on how Black, Brown and Indigenous Latinx women, queer and non-binary people collectively organize at the grassroots level, within and alongside the non-profit sector, to struggle for social justice and create alternative urban geographies.

Dr. Cahuas has published in a range of journals, including Antipode, Geoforum, Journal of Geography in Higher Education and Social Science & Medicine. Her most recent and ongoing writing projects interrogate complicity in settler colonialism, anti-Blackness and anti-Indigeneity across Latinx political organizing and theorizing while also exploring the decolonizing possibilities Latinx activists and artists create in and through urban space.

Dr. Cahuas earned her Ph.D. in Geography in 2018 from the University of Toronto and was awarded the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship from 2014-17. As co-founder and current Program Director for the Latinx Geographies AAG Specialty Group, she is committed to bridging conversations across Latinx Studies and human geography and aligning academic research with the political goals of structurally disadvantaged communities.

Educational Background & Specialties
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Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Geography, University of Toronto, 2018 -


  • Latinx geographies
  • Race, critical race theory, anti-colonialism
  • Gender, feminist theory and movement
  • Urban life, politics and geographies
  • Citizenship, identity and belonging
  • Qualitative methods, testimonio, community-engaged scholarship