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Dept of Writing Studies
1994 Buford Ave
137A Ruttanh


Capper Nichols (Senior Lecturer) (Ph.D., University of Minnesota) teaches humanities and writing courses on the history and ethics of technology, on the science essay, and on environmental history. Recent publications include an article on the Mormon Trail and a review essay of a book about starlings. Recent conference papers focus on storytelling methods at county history museums, especially on the Great Plains.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • PhD: English, University of Minnesota, 1999.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Environmental History
  • Technology Studies
  • The Science Essay
  • Museum Studies
  • Travel Writing
  • Western U.S. Literature
  • Great Plains History
Courses Taught
  • Writing Studies 3371W: Technology, Self, and Society
  • Writing Studies 3152W: Writing on Issues of Science and Technology
  • Writing Studies 3562W: Technical and Professional Writing
  • Writing Studies 1301: University Writing
  • Writing Studies 3315W: Writing on Issues of Land and Environment
  • Rhetoric 3383: In Search of Nature
  • Nichols, Capper E. "“Reenacting the Handcart Debacle: The Work of Rescue at Martin’s Cove on the Mormon Trail”." Dark Tourism in the American West (2019): 137-55.
  • Nichols, Capper E. "“Backpacking and the Ultralight Solution”." Postwestern Cultures: Theory, Literature, Space (2007): 127-42.
  • Nichols, Capper E. ""Tobacco and Early Maryland Writing" ." Mississippi Quarterly 50.1 (Winter 1997): 5-17.