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Dept of Writing Studies
1994 Buford Ave
137A Ruttanh


Capper Nichols (Lecturer) (Ph.D., University of Minnesota) teaches humanities courses on the history and ethics of technology, on interactions between science and religion, on environmental history, on ideas about nature, and on the family in American literature. He studies outdoor disciplines, both recreational and scientific (backpacking and birding, for example); a forthcoming essay is titled, "Backpacking and the Ultralight Solution."

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • PhD: English, University of Minnesota, 1999.

Curriculum Vitae


  • environmental history
  • nature writing
  • cultural history of technologies
  • science and religion
  • family in literature
  • travel literature
  • film studies
Courses Taught
  • Rhetoric 1311: The Family in American Experience
  • Rhetoric 3562: Technical and Professional Writing
  • Rhetoric 1315: The Land in American Experience
  • Rhetoric 3302: Science, Religion, and the Search for Human Nature
  • Rhetoric 3371: Technology, Self, and Society
  • Rhetoric 3383: In Search of Nature