My teaching involves the history of religions in Greek and Roman antiquity, with a special interest in early Christianity. Most of my published work is on the Gospels: Mark, Luke, the Q source, and the Coptic Gospel of Thomas.

A second area of research is Coptic: the language and literature of Egyptian Christianity (and Gnosticism too) in Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages. My own writing projects these days center on Luke, Thomas, and various Coptic liturgical and hagiographical texts.

Educational Background & Specialties
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Educational Background

  • BA: Classics and History, Macalester College, 1975 -
  • M.Div.: Religious Studies, Harvard University, 1978 -
  • Th.D.: New Testament and Christian Origins, Harvard University, 1986 -


  • early Christianity
  • Coptic language and literature
  • Greek and Roman religions
  • New Testament